Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Update #15: Insistence

6:20am-7:00am, Peters Hill, Arboretum
very cold, quite clear, some clouds at horizon

The sunrise was lovely, but I was too grumpy to enjoy it - achy and tired, maybe from Sunday's expedition. I'm just glad that the Bird of the Day was so insistent: this chickadee kept going and going till I finally stopped to record his "Hey Sweetie".

My version:

Later, a runner-up bird, heard but not seen, pointed out to me by Rocco's human. Rocco is a cute, curly grey dog who I regularly run into at the Arboretum. I don't know his friendly human's name yet! but we sometimes talk a little bird.

At home, sketches around chickadees, and some polishing of my versions of tufted titmouse and cardinal. To be posted later this week!


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