Friday, February 18, 2011

Winter Update #12: Wet Sneakers

6:15am-7:30am, Franklin Park, JP/Dorchester, MA
kinda warm! but still chilly in the early am!

It was a crazy spring thaw in Boston today, and the day started noticeably warmer than usual.

My dear friends Jonas and Michal joined me for the sunrise, which was super-fun, though I worried about the obscuring cloud cover. I guess I cannot promise anyone a perfect sunrise, much as I may want to!

We tramped through A LOT of mushy snow, with lots of unexpected drops to the knee. Funny, but also tiring and foot-soaking.

Not so many birds out in Franklin Park. Some smatterings of geese (!), jays, an occasional nuthatch. Sirens and traffic predominant in the landscape; bird of the day nominally a jay:

For me the most interesting sound was the arrhythmic sound of our struggle to walk through sometimes hard, sometimes surprisingly soft snow.

At home, I further stoked my desire to write a piece based on this snow-walk/sinking groove, but proceeded to actually write an entirely different piece altogether

Here, a rough sketch:


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