Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Update #9: Back in the Swing

Feb 12-15, Franklin Park and Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain
some cold, some thawing, some wind

Getting back into the swing of sunrises, and I'm loving it!

Saturday was a special treat at Franklin Park, which I have not visited in many weeks -since 2010! It's really fun to meander all over the snow-buried golf course, though I wish I had brought snowshoes. It was still frigid on Saturday, and not too many birds out, though I enjoyed watching a blue jay switch calls (from loud screech to melodious "gate creaking") in mid-flight.

On Sunday I figured out the source of the "exotic" call that I've been hearing - a cardinal! I like how he starts slow and speeds up.

Yesterday was a strangely warm, thaw-of-a-day, and there was quite a dawn chorus of monotone calls, with crows, cardinal, nuthatches, all in on the action. It also included, fortunately or unfortunately, some human and canine input:

I also got a beautiful, breath-catching view of a red-tailed hawk which flew right over me, its white belly rosy from the first rays of dawn.

Today was a brilliantly clear, and I finally got some good photos of the dawn-lit snow (to be posted). There was a thick, constant wind that, while cold, felt marine and almost summery in its density. Sadly, my attempts at recording the Robin Highway (25 meter flight path between two popular trees) was foiled by the wind noise.


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