Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter Update #5: Firsts and Duos

Jan 30-31, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA

(Jan 31) This morning I had the eery sensation that spring had arrived three months, several degrees and a serious thaw early. While meandering through the Arboretum, I came across a corner that was filled with singing birds, much more melodious than the usual chirps I've been hearing.

One was my first singing cardinal of the project (so far the others have only chirped!). Very exciting, and lovely. Unfortunately today was a recorder-free day, so I will have to document him another time.

Yesterday was also a very fruitful morning of sound-gathering, this time with recorder.

I was charmed by this "duet" between two chickadees on opposite sides of the path:

Here is the trail-off so you know can hear how independent they actually are.

Also got up-close and personal with some chickadees who showed me a different side to their usual call:


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