Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Winter Update #14: Redemption

Feb 20 and 21, Arnold Arboretum, JP and Blue Hills Reservation, Canton, MA
cold, clear and windy on Sunday; snowing (??!) today

Lest we forget, Mother Nature was kind enough to remind us with snow this morning: officially one month left of Winter. For Boston, it's more like two.

Yes, let's not get carried away by the thaw last week that brought out bikes, melted snow piles, and put a little spring (!) into our steps. It's still winter, folks!

Today's bird is a half-hearted jay. It's just too dismal out to screech much:

Luckily, yesterday I snuck in a thaw-inspired adventure. It was pretty frigid and windy out, but also enticingly clear and blue-skied.

After a short walk in the Arboretum, finally confirming the winter screech is a jay (hear the mix of both here):

and hearing some jay medleys (listen to how he transitions from short call to long call):

..I felt the impulse to spend many hours outdoors. After some deliberation, I decided it was time to redeem the failed sunrise hike and Find That Hill at Blue Hills Reservation, the one with the amazing view.

Seven bike-miles and 1.5 icy snowy hike-miles, later, I was stretched out on a veritable mountain top (well, 496 feet qualifies as Mountain in Greater Boston!), ducking a ferocious wind and digging a gorgeous, sunny, blue sky.

Definitely would be a great sunrise spot.

Not many birds to report - I heard one nuthatch and a couple crows on the whole trip! - but it was soothing to be outdoors, trekking, doing my California hiking thing in the Bostonian winter. We can and will survive!


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