Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter #20: Snow-White, Snow-Quiet

6:20am-7am, Peters Hill and Bussey Brook Meadows, Arboretum, JP, MA
snow storm!

I always feel a little cheated when I get up for the promise of a full sunrise, only to see a grey swirling storm outside. "Dawn" doesn't count for much in these circumstances - in fact, I might hear more birds when it gets brighter later in the day.

Nonetheless, the combination of Sunday and snow falling means it's extra quiet, and the obscuring weather provides a kind of camouflage which allows me to creep a lot closer than usual to the birds on Peters Hill.

I merge with a tree and enjoy the flutter of robins landing and leaving, while the goldfinches go crazy. It was worth getting up to get this close to the finches!


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