Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter #16: My Street

6:35-7:05am, my street, Jamaica Plain, MA
not so cold, clear

Was a bit late, so I did the UMass lots sunrise and hung around my street. Lots of twittering sparrows.

Got to hang out with the bird next door again, and confirm that he is indeed a brown-striped Song Sparrow (not a purple-y striped Mystery Bird as I originally thought). I really like this guy! He is the most melodious bird so far of the winter.

I especially like the up-bubbly gesture in this song:

I have been working on my violin bird-calls, and it's really hard!
I often can't play high or fast enough for what I'm hearing.

Here are a few recent efforts:
Tufted titmouse goes ok because it's pitched reasonably and not too fast:
Original (from 2/11):

My version:

With the Cardinal, I have to fake some because I can't play the slide fast enough:
Original (from 2/13):

My version:

I'm also working on chickadee and the song sparrow - very difficult for their funky raspy timbres and super high pitches.


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