Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 12: Who's who?

Arnold Arboretum, 6:55am-8am
distinctly layered clouds, covered

No (visible) sunrise today. Just as well, I woke up a bit late.

I met a lot of nice trees today, mostly from China. I particularly liked the "Paperbark Maple". Guess I'm into the peeling bark theme, and the manzanita-like smooth red branches.

Heard a new sound today, a little bit like a baby blue jay pretending to be a crow (or vice versa):

As I peered through the large shrub to identify the sound, a more visible bird (sparrow or warbler) perched on top of the bush and had a bit of a duel for audio territory:

Turns out the cheeper wins the title of Bird of the Day, as I suspect my first creature was, once again, a chipmunk or squirrel. I wonder why they are so loud, and why they mimic other birds. You can hear the transition here:

The bird cheeps are really high. My rendition takes me way past the highest note I can actually play on the violin. Here is my version of the dueling voices, just for fun. I left the fumbles in so you can tell it's me =)


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