Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 2: Clear Skies

Franklin Park 6am-7am
clear, crisp

More lessons today.

Turns out that pre-dawn is as good as Sunday for neutralizing usually hectic streets: just a few "Out of Service" buses to contend with.

Franklin Park is easily the closest spot of "wilderness" to my house ; except, as I discovered today, that it lies in some kind of flight path. At least 8 jets passed overhead in one hour!

I also realized that most birds are kinda lazy. They don't really break into song until the sun is well -risen in the sky (20-30 min after "sunrise"). That is my Day 2 conclusion, anyway, after my second morning of pre-dawn stealth turned up mostly squirrels making noises. Squirrels more industrious than birds - whodda thunk?

A glorious exception to that pre-dawn laziness: I present to you, the bird of the day! A blue jay of some kind, displaced by another blue jay of the same kind. You can hear the territory dispute and conclusion here:

I like the surround-sound effect of one call overtaking another call and displacing it, and sketched a piece for violin/voice based on that idea. To be further developed!


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