Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 4: "A soup-drenched chicken"

Around the Forest Hills Cemetery, 6:45am - 7:20am
Cloudy, grey, rainy, WET ("puddle-wonderful")

The post title is my translation of "Luo Tang Ji", the Chinese expression for an extremely wet person resembling a chicken who has fallen into a pot of soup.

That was me this morning!

I will confirm that most birds don't waste their energy singing on a rainy day: not many of their feathered brethren around to attract or repel anyway.

In my quest for an open gate to the Forest Hills Cemetery, I did come across one noisy, manicured tree full of sparrow-y little birds, cheep-cheep-cheeping away. However, every time I approached the tree to record them, they scattered. And, I was not well-prepared to protect my recorder from rain.

Tomorrow, a Ziploc bag.

No official bird of the day, but the exhilarating experience of getting completely soaked, then getting dry and comfy again, set me up for a nice writing session. I wrote a little piece which I can't quite play/sing yet. Will post here when it's ready!


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