Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 8: Trail-Blazing

Mink Brook Nature Preserve, Hanover, New Hampshire 6:30am (pre-dawn)-8:30am
clear skies at last!

After five days of rain-obscured skies and imperceptible dawns, I was excited for today's clear skies and the promise of a proper sunrise.

Following the nature trail outside my home-stay, I entered the still-darkish woods and headed in the direction of some easterly hills, determined to find a good vista.

With apologies to conservationists and the mountain, I must admit that I went way off the marked path: just kept pointed east and climbing uphill. The Tracker in "Rabbit-Proof Fence" would have no problem finding me- I was crushing twigs and small branches right and left, making quite a ruckus.

Every time I reached the top of a hill, I would see yet a higher hill just beyond it that I wanted to scale, to reach that perfect vista.

It seemed potentially endless, and reminded me on one hand of the insatiable human quest for progress (or success), and on the other, of the infinite potential of an ever-deepening practice. (As in music, where every time you reach a new level of understanding or ability, you begin to hear an even deeper possibility to aim for.)

Yes, I am a little obsessed with analogies.

WISH I had had my camera to capture the summit, which was just as I had hoped. A little break in the trees framed my view of the sun rising over a more distant range of mountains. I had the perfect rock to squat upon and to contemplate my surroundings, the rustling trees, the delectable post-rain air. The emerging sun spilled over the dark bank of trees so quickly it made me feel that the planet must be spinning much faster than I realize.

Just minutes before the sun emerged, this V of geese flew directly over my lookout point. It would be impossible, and unnatural, to try to hang out with just one of these guys, so I give you the whole Goose Ensemble:

An hour, a lost wandering, and very soggy shoes later, I found my way out of the woods just a few blocks from where I had started. At that moment, the most gigantic V of geese I have EVERY seen passed overhead-- I counted at least sixty geese!!

A thrilling and impressive recap to the V theme that started my day.


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