Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 7: Faraway Lane

Hanover, New Hampshire 7:15am-8:15am
overcast, moist, crisp, super-fresh

I'm in New Hampshire for a concert with Camerata New England, and my lovely host couple have bird feeders and nature trails in their backyard.

It's gorgeous here - as soon I step out of the house I meet this chickadee (dee dee):

The air here is delicious - so fresh and fragrant. I can't get enough of it!
The houses here are set in woods, not the other way around. Mist-swirled hills of rich green, crimson and golden trees beckon in the distance.

The sky begins to clear, and the clouds are etched with pink. Gorgeous.

My explorations - random meandering in the neighborhood, choosing an uphill fork in hopes of a vista, taking the turn onto "Faraway Lane" because its name is so evocative- lead me unexpectedly to a nature preserve, complete with woods, pond, and some kind of river. The Chambers Memorial Reserve.

It is thrilling to suddenly find oneself on a steep path with a pale body of water gleaming through the trees below. It's the kind of breath-taking surprise that I love to experience and create in music, and I sketched an idea for a piece based on this feeling.


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