Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring 71: What Happens When You Don't Take Notes

June 1-2, 2011

I can’t remember many details from these two mornings, because in my haste afterwards I didn’t do my usual notes. It’s four days later and I remember precious little – am depending on the recordings (and their time stamps) to reconstruct what happened.

June 1, around 8:30am.

I know this robin and this traffic – must be the robin on South Street across from the Arboretum gate. I hear him all the time and never record him because of all the noisy cars. I think I decided to get him this morning, at long last.

June 2, a little before 8am.

I was making my way through the Arboretum and thought, optimistically, that I heard a new bird. However, this recording does not seem to have captured that faint sound. Instead, we have this general chorus of familiar little bird utterances and sputterings. Let's just say the bird of the day is the one you don't hear...


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