Friday, June 3, 2011

Spring 68: Reconnaisance

May 28, 2011
5:20am-5:45am, my balcony and Bussey Brook Meadow, Jamaica Plain

The (dis)advantage of sleeping with my balcony door ajar is that I know exactly when the birds start their pre-dawn singing.

I struggled to rouse myself this morning so that I could record the birds who live closest to me, in the tree right outside my room.

However, by the time I got out there, the interesting singers (a catbird and perhaps robin?) that I thought I had heard had departed.

Determined to do some reconnaissance, I made my way out to the Meadow path, which runs about 50 yards beyond my balcony. Still no luck - pretty quiet except for the familiar high cheeps of this sparrow or the annoyed cluck of that robin.

Must plan a better stealth recording tactic for next time!


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