Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unplugging for Acadia

I'm getting ready to leave for my residency at Acadia National Park tomorrow morning, and I'm overflowing with excitement! Despite the weather forecast of mostly rain, I am sure it's going to be an incredible experience.

In support of a deeper communion with nature, I'm going to take a break from daily blogging and the internet for the next few days. I may even turn off my cell phone (if it happens to get reception!)

Rest assured that I will be "blogging" by paper and pencil, and I will update the blog later in the week with all the wondrous sounds and stories of my explorations of Acadia.

Tomorrow and Monday do not have rain forecast, so I hope to do plenty of hiking and exploring of Mount Desert Island on these two days, before moving to my Park housing on the Schoodic Peninsula.

My public performance of works-in-progress will be just one week later, on Tuesday May 3, 7pm at the Moore Auditorium, Schoodic Institute. All are invited!


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