Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring 28: The Great Equalizer

6:45am - 7:45am, St. Ann's Hill and Burkhardt Park, Dayton, OH
chilly, windy, rain-clouds on horizon

So there are lots of contenders, and it may be a completely over-used expression, but this morning I decided that the Great Equalizer among birds is neither Death nor Education; no, the Great Avian Equalizer is Flight.

... a fitting observation in the hometown of the Wright Brothers!

As I enjoyed an early morning swing in a desolate playground, a flock of birds wheeled before me against a cloud-swirled sky. It was beautiful: uplifting both literally and spirit-ally.

It didn't matter that they were pigeons.

Now I am as biased as the next urban-dweller in my instinctive distaste and disdain for these rather ugly, dirty, and seemingly low-intelligence birds. But dawn flight beautifies all birds, even pigeons, as they make their loops in silhouette.

I still don't like the way they sound, though. Today's official bird is a house finch who greeted me the moment I left the house:

At home, I try for the umpteenth time to compose the sound of a flock of birds in flight. It's a fun puzzle!


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