Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring 27: Trios

7:00am-7:50am, residential neighborhood, Oakwood, OH
mostly clear to mostly cloudy, cool, post-rain fresh

I wish I could have levitated 50 feet into the air and taken a picture of the horizon this morning - sharp billows of dark rain clouds lit with rose.

'Twas a gorgeous morning, the sky in constant evolution as new clouds took shape and were transformed by peach, pink, yellow or white light.

After a week of very short excursions, it felt good to take my time, ambling here and there, no hurry.

Some nice bird trios overheard this morning, including a mourning dove trio, a cardinal trio, and this sweet duo, which I'm going to make a trio by including the nearby triller. They win Bird Ensemble of the Day!

I believe one of them is a titmouse, but I'm not sure about the other bird or the trill-y guy. Ideas, anyone?


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