Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring 33: I am a Robin

5:45am-7:15am, edge of Brunswick Golf Course, Brunswick, ME
chilly, slight breeze, very clear

Once again, a confident birdsong dictated my route this morning (through new-car sales lot, across highway, down side street, into woods).

Robins are amazing. They sound different- yet the same- everywhere.
Today's bird, a Brunswick robin:

At the hotel I sketched a structured improvisation based on phrases of robin-song, both straight and adulterated, in a sort of choose-your-own-(Robin Adventure). I'm calling it, "I am a Robin". I look forward to finishing it in Acadia next week, where I will have lots of rainy-days to work!

Meanwhile, here is my version of the Brunswick robin:

and a little robin-inspired improvisation, in which I slow down the song four times as slow, and thus, also a much lower pitch:


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