Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 47: Stake-out

Peters Hill, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA 6:15am-6:50am
drizzly, overcast, comfortable

I get it, why hunters dress in camouflage and build "blinds" out of branches, and stake out their prey for hours: it's FUN to try to merge into the environment and become an invisible observer.

I only took it on for a few minutes this morning, and pretty half-heartedly at first- my experience so far has shown that walking around was a better bet than standing still for finding interesting birds.

However, today's stillness was fruitful. The birds didn't fly away right away like they usually do. Was it the distracting cover and sound of the drizzle? Am I becoming more stealthy? Are the birds starting to recognize me as a non-threat??

It was in pursuit of this White Throated Sparrow that I made my way to a certain tree and decided to be still for a while.

In a few minutes, I heard this guy. Familiar, but from when? (uh-oh, they are starting to jumble!)

Just when I thought my mission was accomplished, this Bird appeared just overheard and I had to make him Today's Bird, though I could barely see him:

My version:

Here's a little improvisation based on the bird today:


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