Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 38: Off-Trailing

Open Space Preserve, San Martin, CA 6:45am-8:15am
overcast, drizzly, comfortable temp

It was too cloudy to see the sunrise this morning - a good thing since I'm a bit late getting out.

I explored some trails adjacent to the winery/golf course, enjoying my last immersion in delicious hilly airs before returning to SF. It's not at all cold, and the moist air and drizzle feel refreshing.

I'm happy to hear more quails from yesterday, and spend a good bit of time with today's bird, who is determined to mark his tree. He's a little guy, and flits from low branch to low branch asserting this call:

Later I can't resist the urge to summit, and I scramble up and up and up a tiny, very steep deer path. The steepness reminds me a bit of nightmares I have where I get stuck on a nearly vertical hill, and I decide to turn around before this becomes a reality.

My sketch today: an irregular groove based on today's call.


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