Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day 41: Bernal Hill

Bernal Hill and Holly Park, San Francisco, 6:30am-7:15am
windy, mostly clear, low bank of clouds on horizon

For my last morning in SF I hit Bernal Hill one more time. It is super-windy, and everyone is here with their dog. This must be the one city where dog parks practically out-number children's playgrounds!

It's stunningly picturesque, especially if you avoid the cell-phone-tower filled main peak. I'm drawn to the steep, green sub-hills, their beckoning dirt trails wandering east. I'm a few miles closer to the sunrise than yesterday and the sun really looks bigger and closer - can it be??

Behind me the towers of Twin Peaks are shrouded in mist, but the windows of its apartment buildings reflect a blinding gold as the sun emerges.

Bare hills are not the likeliest place for birds, so I listened for a Bird of the Day on my way home. I was happy to be hearing the San Francisco soundscape with more specificity - I could recognize starlings and hummingbirds in the dawn mix. Passing through Holly Park, I decided to focus on this cheeper/triller for today. The tall grove where he resided was a nice respite from the strong winds and clatter of city sounds:



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