Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 32: Windy Dusk

Lower Mills VFW Memorial Post Playground, Milton, MA, 5:30pm - 6:10pm
chilly, windy, dense rain clouds

Today I attempted to find the bird-filled rushes I first heard 2 weeks ago, on the shores of the Neponset River.

The afterglow of sunset was gorgeous: billowing layers of brilliant fuschia clouds, piled high into the sky. I never saw the sun and it didn't matter: the clouds were jaw-droppingly stunning.

Into the rushes I biked.

It was a windy, weirdly desolate area. There were signs of civilization all around me: the Mattapan trolley to one side, the sounds of freeway traffic on another. Yet this marshland of winding rivulets of water, and dense yellow thickets of rustling rushes seemed a world of its own.

Not so many birds to be heard this evening, and I don't blame them. It was piercingly cold and the wind biting. Smart birds, they were deep in their thicket roosts, where neither Wind nor Inquisitive Musician could accost them.

The bird of the day here, accompanied by strong winds. Please forgive the low volume and the few wind spikes! I do like the sound of the trolley as a quasi-response, and the bit of properly recorded wind rustling the rushes.

Some community pre-bed pillow talk:


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