Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 30: Dawn in DC

Meridian Hill Park, Washington DC, 6:45am-8am
cool, breezy, scattered smoke-wisp clouds

I am much more excited to get myself out of bed when I've got a new city to explore.

I'm out and in the chilly dark streets of DC just after 6:30am, headed for the enticingly-named Meridian Hill Park in hopes of catching sunrise.

But as I approach the park, I realize with a sinking heart that the buildings are simply too tall - I am in DC proper, after all.

However, the park is beautiful. It's compact, with peaceful reflective pools and viewing terraces that put me eye level with the tops of several trees - nice!

The bird of the day is a no-contest: the loudest, most "melodic". Following him I end up in a corner of the park where, surprise! I can see a good chunk of the horizon, including a glimpse of the sun and vivid layers of clouds.

An alternative song:

A little later, I couldn't resist recording these other southern (more temperate) delights. I know, I know, I'm supposed to stick to ONE bird a day, but it was too exciting to hear so many new birds when the Boston scene has become pretty slim pickings.

Whole crew of dark birds with grey-mottled chests, needle-beaks, perched atop a tree one block from my friend's house. Beautiful singers and such fascinating sounds! Sorry about the passing cars..

I had to run right after to a pretty inspiring and powerful gathering of about ten million people (Stewart's estimate) at the Mall, so no sketch today..

**UPDATE 11/12: Bird of the Day was a Carolina Wren, and those needle-nosed guys are Common Starlings. Thanks, Haynes!**


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