Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 29: Amplified Dawn

Scarborough Hill and Pond, Franklin Park, 6:30am-8am
cool, some clouds, light breeze

My buddy Jonas joined me for the sunrise this morning. Yay, ripple effect!

We did our various calisthenics (me: push-ups/sit-ups; him: yoga), ruminated on the difference between public and private golf courses, and I learned to identify fairways from greens.

As dawn approaches, the bird of the day makes a ruckus from a nearby grove of trees.

I think this is him, or his cousin, again:

A gigantic sun rises above and through a high bank of clouds, blinding-white light amplified to three or four times its usual size by the whirling clouds around it. I think of how to render this experience in sound:

Later I show Jonas the long lake that I discovered a few days ago, and we find a whole enclave of these birds. Enclave of the Day. They move too quickly for me to catch details, but seem to NOT be robins (chests are light grey-colored).


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