Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer 11: Signs

7:00am-8:00am, Franklin Park, Jamaica Plain, MA
cool, clear, gorgeous

First, a jay:

Next, a funny thing - an acorn falls on my head. After so many stormy fall and winter excursions without incident, it seems totally random to be dinged by an acorn in mid-August. Whoulda thunk?

I suspect it's yet another premonition that summer is waning - just like the chilly weather two days ago that gave me a wave of frightened recognition. Just when I had settled fully into the idea of always-hot, usually-humid, and never a long-sleeve except to combat indoors-AC...

A nice jaunt in Franklin Park, which is a-bustle with activity this morning, leads me to the Bevy of the Day. I know it's not the right term for chickadees, but I think it fits this scene - a roadside enclave of several chickadees whose varied songs were a mix of old and new to me. I wonder if some of the higher calls are summer variety, as I don't recognize some of the higher calls from my earlier spring, winter, or fall chickadee sightings.


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