Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer 9: Muggy Birding

July 16-July 24, 2011
Dayton, OH and Springfield, OH

It's been incredibly humid and hot here the last week - high 90's, swimmably-thick air, etc.

I've been embroiled(!) in preparing for a duo performance at the Springfield Art Museum with artist Rodney Veal for the opening of his solo multi-media exhibition, which launched beautifully last night.

Very exciting! It was a really deep collaborative process, with our performance evolving through conversation, play, experimentation. It was fascinating to pick up ideas here and there and fold them into a seamless performance.

We had decided beforehand to expand our boundaries as performers, so Rodney got to sing, and I got to dance (!) a bit. We snaked our way up and down a gorgeous gallery, interacting with the artwork and each other. It was so new, so fun, and so absorbing to be a part of. Video forthcoming!

Meanwhile, I snuck some bird moments here and there:

Saturday, July 23
7am-7:40am, Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH

The gate was closed, I meandered in my usual alternate entrance. As I worked my way up the hill, I heard the maintenance truck behind me, and had a moment of panic - oh no, they're going to kick me out! I decided to smile and wave to the maintenance guys as if I belonged there.

It worked - they waved back as if it wasn't at all strange to see a woman in running clothes with a silver violin-case on her back wandering the grounds when the front gate was still locked. Phew!

Lots of fun sounds today:
the passing train

me and a couple peewees - getting my peewee practice in!

and, a robin joins the conversation:

Wednesday, July 20
6pm, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, OH

The entrance of the art museum has some lovely trees and a small garden, where a couple of birds, including a cardinal, hang out regularly. This particular call was new to me, though it may be a bird I've heard in a new guise? Here he is, with some patriotic carillon captured in the background!

Monday, July 18
8am, Woodland Cemetery, Dayton, OH
Sparrows and robins sounding ticked off! I find the bouncing off of various individual's cheeps mesmerizing, the way they interlock and then go in and out of "phase" with each other.

Later I saw a larger bird fly away, so they may have been provoked.


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