Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer 6: Becoming Cardinal

7:45am-8:45am, Woodland Cemetery (with detour to Walgreen's and Krogers), Dayton, OH
clear, warm

It was a mistake, I've decided, to skip so many of my morning nature expeditions these last couple weeks.

Everything has been ramping up for the Translations performances, and I had dropped the morning routine in order to have enough time to pull things off, letting other, briefer moments suffice for my daily bird.

It's difficult to balance between my commitment to a healthy daily regimen as proscribed by A Bird a Day, and the necessary hectic-ness involved in producing a major event.

Clearly, I've been away too long. I feel the calmness, the slowing down of my mind and body as an exotic elixir. Ironic, that the creation of such an experience for audiences (Translations) has resulted in me missing out on it for many days!

On the other hand, the absence has made my heart grow fonder, and I was delighted to jam with two cardinals at the cemetery.

Was my whistle well-rested after not being utilized for weeks? Or have I been intuiting the song of Ohio's state bird the last month, since it is always around?
Whatever the reason, I felt unusually capable in my cardinal mimic today (the sonically-reflective asphalt road and smooth buildings didn't hurt!).

At one point, one cardinal upped his register, and I laughed out loud. He was out to test me, I'm just sure of it!

It's soothing and grounding to remember the point of this project.

I feel like no matter what happens in tonight's performance, my day, and this project, has been fulfilled. I got to jam with two cardinals. I had my moment of peaceful meditation. It's more than enough for one day, and that's all I'm aiming for.

(Updates on the rest of the week to come...)


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