Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring 80: Wegerzyn

10:00am-11:00am, Wegerzyn Gardens, Dayton, OH
cool, breezy, sunny

I am on a exploratory mission this morning: I need to finalize a venue for a collaborative dance and music project with choreographer Rodney Veal in July, and Wegerzyn is a top finalist.

The Gardens here are almost too beautiful: from the delicately-laid out stone paths and cultivated flowerbeds to the meandering wooden walkway thru a marshy woods. I'm suddenly stumped by the thought that to add anything to this environment might actually take away from it... it is already so full of wonders to observe.

Plenty of birds to hang out with here. A phoebe, a song sparrow, several robins and cardinals. I love how the robin song in the marsh echoes across the still water.

A cardinal stops me at close-range:

Bird of the Day is this unknown bird who I hear while walking along a backwoods trail:

Does anyone know what it is?


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