Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring 46: Wake-Up Call

5:10am-5:20am, around SERC campus, Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia NP, ME
cold, overcast, drizzly

I am determined to capture - sonically - the chickadees and robin that have been regularly singing before dawn outside my bedroom window.

As soon as I hear the robin this morning, I roll out of bed and hurry out. However, when I get to that side of the building, there’s no sign of the robin. Did I scare it away? The only one I hear is almost 2 “blocks” away, by the campus entrance, and he's so fragmented I'm not even sure he's a robin!:

I’m in recovery mode after the big push of the last couple days, and taking it easy today. I decide to try cracking a window tonight and surreptitiously getting the recording from inside my apartment tomorrow!


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