Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring 45: Going Public

Tuesday, May 3
5:45am-6:15am, Loop Road, Schoodic Peninsula, Acadia NP, ME
cool, variegated clouds

The sky was a beautiful egg-crate, pink-lined rippling of clouds this morning. A pleasant surprise! I was prepared for rain all day.

The bell buoys are tolling, beautiful and evocative. They are the true subject of today’s recording, though the gulls get the Bird of the Day title:

Tonight I have the first public performance for A Bird a Day at the Moore Auditorium here, and I have a very busy day getting my pieces ready. The hardest is the piece I’ve been working on based on the Hermit Thrush, whose melodic song seems trivialized by any of my creative ideas. Yet I keep trying.

In the end, I create a sort of echoing effect as a response to the built-in echoes of his song. Here's an excerpt of that section of the piece:

Postscript: The performance went well, it was a small but enthusiastic audience, who were willing participants in their whistling (Golden-Crowned Kinglets) and rain-making roles. I performed one composition from October, three new pieces from my time in Acadia, and even put up some slides: the nifty wireless slide-advancing technology was irresistible.

I am hugely relieved to be done, and encouraged by the positive feedback - I really wasn't sure what I'd have to share after just one week of residency.
More recordings from tonight's performance to come!


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