Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring 40: Foggy

Thursday, April 28, 2011
7:20am-8:10am, behind Ballfield, Schoodic Education and Research Institute, Acadia National Park, ME
foggy, drizzly, cool

I will be leading kids on a listening walk here for National Junior Ranger Day on Saturday, so I thought I would get acquainted. It's very foggy out, damp, and deliciously pine-y. I'm checking out a trail along some navy campsites set up by the base that originally used this land.

A song sparrow (and distant winter wren) is the main singer out in this drizzle, thus is appointed Bird of the Day:

However, I would say the experience of the day goes to a stand of pines, and these super-high, barely perceptible birds at the very top of them:

These birds have been identified as Golden-Crowned Kinglets. Thanks, Angi!

It's quite other-worldly to step into a stand of tall pines and hear these tinkling sounds...especially if you disregard the reversing truck in the background.

At home, I got a lot of work done!

-Worked on a piece that contrasts the busy, running, hectic pace of urban/human life to the stillness of the twittering pine grove.

- Had fun mimicking truck beeping noises - there are at least three pitches out here at the Schoodic!
Here's the original truck trio:

- Transcribed several birds from the last few days.
I'm most excited about the Hermit Thrush from April 26 - what an amazing song, and such a regular four-phrase pattern (fourth phrase always super high).
Here is the original:

Here is my version:

Tomorrow is supposed to be partly cloudy - my first non-overcast day on the Schoodic Peninsula! Very exciting!


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