Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring 18: Most Malleable

6:10am-6:50am, Franklin Park, JP/Dorchester, MA
chilly, should-have-warn-gloves, wisps on clear sky

Can I be highly unscientific for a minute?
They say that Copper, Glass, and Paper are extremely malleable materials, but I don't think either of these can top Cloud.

Almost every morning this week has brought new shapes and textures I've never encountered. Today's were nearly invisible, fairy-thin, rosy ripples just above the horizon.

Words are too heavy and limited to describe the diversity of shape, density, and light refraction that clouds are capable of. Lately, I think of dawn as the cloud-lighting rather than the sun-rise.

It was nice to return to my old haunt, Scarborough Hill in Franklin Park. It's the first time I've come since spring hit.

The pond had a magical mist curling above it, and I enjoyed the duet of two mourning doves, stereo sound, who were one note apart from each other in pitch (the subject of my sketch this morning).

However, mourning doves are tough to catch on recording. Here is today's bird, can you guess who makes this funny squeereech? Nice geese take-off in the background too!

Will the blue jay never cease to surprise me with new calls??


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