Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring 11: Northside

6:40am-7:40am, Bussey Hill side of Arnold Arboretum (north of Bussey St), Jamaica Plain, MA
cold, light wind, light frost

It's rehearsal period for robins, and I hear signs of improvement!

Today's Robin, over by the Rose Garden, was decidedly more melodic than the ones I've been hearing the last couple weeks.

Other signs of progress:
-- Two wavery White-Throated Sparrows singing
-- Gorgeous waxy red buds on a Silver Magnolia
-- Bright, whimsical and plentiful down-facing yellow flowers of the Chinese Witch Hazel tree, whose petals look like miniscule strips of confetti or party crepe streamers

I need to hang out "Northside" more often - I'm usually down at Peters Hill on the southside for the clear view of the sunrise.

At home, I worked on my version of the robin song. To be posted!


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