Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring 12: very funny

April 1, 2011
6:50am-7am, Bussey Brook Meadow, Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA
cold, windy, overcast, wintry-mix-y

Pick your version:

A yucky day, weather-wise. Haha, Mother Nature..very funny...

The saddest image - geese gliding through a couple of small channels broken through the icy marsh. One goose looked almost marooned, or at least dead-ended in frozen stuff.

Nearly missed getting drenched by a bus as it careened by over deep potholes. Ah, springtime in Boston!

It was one of those mysterious, out-of-time, stormy mornings.

The snow a good inch or more thick on the ground, sprinkled with the tiny circles of fallen rain. The branches of a shrub fantastically-garbed with globular droplets, frozen in mid-melt.

Brave geese forged slender lines of passage across the icy marsh, creating patterns of dark water against whitish-iciness.


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