Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring 4: The Human Instrument

7:25am-8am, Bussey Brook Meadow, Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA
cool, overcast

Today I picked a Cardinal, partially because I felt I could imitate him.

My version (very rudimentary!):

I am feeling inspired to develop my oral/vocal skills after my online research into human bird callers yesterday turned up some amazing material.

My two favorites are :
Jimmy, incredible older English man. The video shows him imitating blackbirds, robins, canary, seagull, and song thrush. Wow!

and amazing bird-woman, Nicole Perretta, who can do 146 bird calls mostly with her voice (not whistling, unlike most humans who mimic birds). Full feature here. She started when she was 6. Do I still have a chance?

Clearly, the earlier you start to learn any language, human or avian, the easier it will come. However, I am inspired to get to work on bird sounds away from the violin, starting with a whistle.

The only problem is deciding which type of whistle to work on (through the teeth, no hands; into cupped hands; or with two fingers, like our English friend). The Youtube instruction on this is pretty hilarious!

If anyone personally knows humans who can mimic birds (vocally or whistling) please contact me via the contact page. I'm still trying to recruit my human birdcall chorus, as well as to build a network of instructors!


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