Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 62: Oceanic

Peters Hill, Arnold Arboretum, JP, MA, 6:40am-7:30am
moist, not cold, steady breeze, diverse clouds

Bluish blues, purple-y blues, baby blues, pale blues... and some neon pink highlights. Too many shifting, percolating, shirred and smooth, low and distant, thick and misty clouds to describe.

It was a gorgeous pre-dawn which faded apologetically into a rather static, rather solid blue palette of cloud cover when the sun should have emerged triumphantly.

At this point the white houses in distant Roslindale/JP that I see from Peters Hill had the look of a quaint seaside village. Was it the bluish cast from a very bluish and thick sky? I couldn't pinpoint the reason, but I felt ocean.

Then I noticed that the warmish, steady breeze and heavy damp verging on drizzle were sea-evoking too. Surely the ocean is just over there, past those trees?

Come to think of it, the Bay is not far away- the idea is not so ludicrous.

There was a bit of a tussle for Bird of the Day, but given today's marine theme, I awarded these guys.

First they were the backdrop to some sparrows I was investigating, and I almost didn't consciously note them:

Then they wheeled overhead, four or five of them, and made themselves heard. It's the first time I've heard seagulls make much of an appearance at the Arboretum (and the flocks I see at the Franklin Park golf course are usually silent). A day at the beach without leaving JP!


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