Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 78: Super-High

Franklin Park, Dorchester/Jamaica Plain, MA, 6:50am-7:50am
very cold, very clear

The perfectly clear day means I saw a red sunrise for the first time in weeks - it was intensely red-orange, right on the horizon, with no cloud bank to climb.

As soon as the sun emerged I was alerted by this call. I'm pretty sure I saw the tree-clinging bird who was calling- I watched him fly away and continue to cheep - but boy did he sound like a chipmunk, which makes me nervous!

In following him, I heard this virtuoso driller/woodpecker - incredible speed! Couldn't spot it, though.

Bird of the Day goes to this remarkably high-pitched bird. Maybe one of the call variants of the chickadee?

It is a day of more questions than answers!

My version:


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