Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prep day B

Testing my audio sharing system.
Here is a recording from this summer's initial bird explorations in Dayton OH.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prep day A

Well, I am delighted to have established my lovely, functional and free blog. Thanks, Blogger!

Today I am sending off my membership application to the Brookline Bird Club, which, at 97 years old and over 1000 members strong, is one of the oldest and largest bird clubs in Massachusetts.

I am confident of acceptance : there seems to be no selection process as long as you can come up with the $15. (First tax write-off of the project!)

A little apprehensive -- I am not a real group type, don't own binoculars (or a neutral-colored hat), and don't know if a novice with a creative agenda will find acceptance with the birders of Brookline. However, I am determined to find some birders to collaborate with: a local expert or two to help me identify what I hear, and educate an extremely un-birdwise musician (and her audience).

Plus, I have a little fantasy of recruiting a choir of (human) birdcallers for a future performance. Surely the Brookline Bird Club is a good place to start?